VLVA is an open-source software available for macOS and Linux systems. The source code is available on GitHub.

To manually build and install VLVA (with its dependencies), follow the steps provided here.

Pre-compiled DMG and Debian packages are available on the GitHub Releases page.

Docker container

VLVA is also available as a Docker container. The container leverages Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and can be easily accessed through a browser.

To start a new container, use the following command:

$ docker run -it -e SIZEW=1920 -e SIZEH=1080 -e CDEPTH=24 -e SHARED=TRUE -e VNCPASS=vncpasswd -p 5901:5901 neaniasspace/vialacteavisualanalytics:latest

Then open a browser and go to http://localhost:5901/. The default password is “vncpasswd” (see the VNCPASS value defined in the Docker command).

Before starting VLVA change the scaling mode (Settings ‣ Scaling Mode ‣ Remote Resizing) and enable fullscreen (see Fig. 1).

VNC settings

Fig. 1 VNC settings

Now you can start VLVA using the icon on the desktop.

ViaLactea Docker container

Fig. 2 ViaLactea Docker container