Welcome to ViaLactea Visual Analytics’ documentation!

The ViaLactea Service is aimed at exploiting astrophysical surveys of the Galactic Plane to study the star formation process of the Milky Way. The ViaLactea Visual Analytics (VLVA) tool combines different types of visualization to perform the analysis exploring the correlation between different data, for example 2D intensity images with 3D molecular spectral cubes. All underlying data are managed by the ViaLactea Knowledge Base (VLKB). The VLKB includes 2D and 3D (velocity cubes) surveys, numerical model outputs, point-like and diffuse object catalogues and allows for retrival of all the available datasets as well as cutouts on the positional and/or velocity axis and some merging capabilities on adjacent datasets.

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For more details about the ViaLactea Visual Analytics tool and its aspects please refere to F. Vitello et al. 2018 PASP 130 084503.